Facebook Social Media Parties

Facebook Social Media Parties

Facebook Social Media Parties


When we talk about social media, we immediately think about the social media giant - Facebook. It seems like everybody is on Facebook, so it's just common sense to hold Facebook social media parties, especially if you are a direct seller. Currently, Facebook has about 1.8 billion monthly active users or 1.23 billion daily active users. With this great number, your reach as a direct seller is virtually limitless. You can reach almost anyone with a public profile from anywhere around the world.




However, this reach also has some issues. With the vastness of Facebook, knowing who's interested and who's out for a troll can be difficult. Therefore, Tag Team Party Peeps can show you how to hold Facebook social media parties that will yield the best returns. Surely, anyone can just create an event and name it "[Insert your catchy direct selling name]'s Party for [Insert your product]," but with our help, you can have a successful Facebook party using our tried-and-tested formula.


Why Use Facebook for Social Media Parties? 


Aside from the fact that Facebook is the largest social media platform, the biggest reason to use it for a social media party is that it is free. Instead of getting your own website and building your own connections through it, you can use the networks that already exist in the social media giant and leverage on them to generate attention and extend your reach. With people interacting frequently with one another, there is no doubt that Facebook activities are always engaging, especially when a product is interesting.

In addition, because of the platform's user-friendly interface, Facebook features are very easy and straightforward to use. The experience that the users gain in using Facebook can be taken advantage of by direct sellers in creating a campaign. Through Facebook social media parties, you already have a place that users are already familiar with in terms of navigation and process flow (posting, commenting, liking, etc.). Therefore, holding a Facebook social media party is advantageous because you no longer have to teach your customers how to use the platform.


Creating a Facebook Social Media Party


Tag Team Party Peeps is an expert in Facebook media parties. For many years, we have established a very effective formula to get leads and drive sales through Facebook. You'll have to talk to us to get this formula, but we'll give you a taste of what it is through the common Facebook features that you can use.

A private Facebook event that can be attended by invitation only can create a feeling of exclusivity, which can create an intriguing vibe for your product. In addition, some direct sales companies do not allow creating posts on offers or events for your products, so a private event is the best way to go for your party.

Creating a time-limited event can be more effective than keeping an open event that runs for a period of time. Usually, the latter tends to get less engagement over time, and because the event is open for a longer period, activities may be sparse. On the contrary, a limited event can quickly generate engagement, and they'll know about the product immediately instead of having to linger for weeks.

Lastly, using all Facebook features can create variety in your event. Post images, updates, and videos. Do a Live Video of a product launch, or take advantages of the threaded commenting by having an AMA (Ask Me Anything). By using Facebook features, your event can be more lively and interactive.


Partner with Tag Team Party Peeps Today


If you want to effectively use Facebook for your direct selling campaign, partner with Tag Team Party Peeps. Our Facebook social media parties have brought success to many direct sellers like you, and we want to share that success so that you too can appreciate the power of this social media giant. Get in touch with us today to have a great Facebook party, and you won't regret letting us help you.


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