Social Media Parties

Social Media Parties

Social Media Parties

Ah, yes. Social media. That giant thing that made the whole world a smaller place. Social media is where networks connect to networks, and that just sounds like one grand party. Social media parties are technically marketing techniques that rely on online social media platforms to help direct sellers introduce or market their products or services, and Tag Team has created the right way to hold a 30-minute Facebook party that is effective in letting people interact with each other.




We thought of social media parties because, as past direct sellers ourselves, we've had difficulties encouraging people to communicate with each other at traditional catalog parties. You know how sometimes anonymity, at any level, can bring out your true sentiments? Well we've taken that fact and thought that people sometimes DO feel more comfortable talking through the computer. So we created the unique idea of holding Facebook parties. Through the tools on Facebook, we generate engagement and thus interaction and ultimately, an eventual sale.


Anyone Can Figure Out How to Use Facebook Features. Why Tag Team?

Because Tag Team, and not just between we, Rachel and Amanda, but also between our dynamic duo and yours, can hold these parties for your clients more efficiently through our tried-and-tested method. Surely you know how to send messages, but are you ready to handle heaps and heaps of PM for when you finally post to the wall about the features of your product? A potential customer who isn't replied to within a certain period of time can easily just leave. While online parties can seem pretty easy to set up and hold, they can have some certain distinct complications that you might not be prepared for without our help.


Let's Facebook Party

Will I Need to Rely Solely on the Internet or Facebook for Direct Selling?

Definitely not, as you may have to meet with your customers at some point perhaps to demonstrate the product further or to clarify a few things. This, as others may argue, can be done by rich media such as tutorial videos, but we can't deny the fact that some consumers want to experience some products first-hand before purchasing. Furthermore, the online channel of direct selling, the Internet and Facebook in particular, is great for generating leads and presence and engaging with your clients.

Can you imagine the hardships of direct sellers pre-Internet? That is the gap that has been filled by the online tool but has never replaced human interaction. We all are not as big as Amazon (we definitely can't afford drone delivery, yet).


Why Facebook for Social Media Parties?

The answer to this question is obvious. But here are some of the latest statistics to help us understand just how massive Facebook's popularity is. As of February 2, 2017, about 1.86 billion active Facebook users log in every month, whereas around 1.23 billion log in every day. Among them, approximately 1.15 billion are mobile daily active users, with 1.74 billion active users in December 2016 alone, an increase of 21% from last year. Therefore, what better way to hold a social media party than on Facebook?




How Do I Hold Social Media Parties?

That's where we come in. We train you to use Facebook for social media catalog parties for your products and services. We can also look at your existing Facebook presence so that we can provide you with valuable suggestions for strategies on how to improve your reach. Through our personal coaching and customized scripts, aptly titled "The Shopportunity Formula," you can start building meaningful Facebook relationships that result in fruitful interaction. The script that we provide includes the most efficient way to word and send invitations, personal messages, posts, and comments. Also included are sample questions for your video and access to the Shopportunity Conference Call playback.


Be a Gracious Facebook Party Host

With our help, you can join those others who are now taking advantage of social media to promote their products and services and improve their monthly portfolios. With Tag Team Party Peeps, you can have a successful direct selling business using a proven digital marketing technique that has been refined to suit the needs of today's direct seller.

Get in touch with us today so that you can start hosting your own successful social media party!


Effective Social Media Parties by Tag Team Party Peeps