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Party Starter Collection - $875.00$247.00

THE PARTY STARTER COLLECTION includes the 3 Fun Formulas you need to get the party started on Facebook.

Here’s the 411 on exactly what’s included:

The 30-Minute Facebook Party Formula ($349 value)
7 videos that explain why Facebook Parties are the bomb!

The Facebook Party Hostess Formula ($297 value)
6 videos that coach you on how to train your Facebook Party Hostess so she does exactly what you tell her to!

The Facebook Party Follow-Up Formula ($229 value)
4 videos that coach you on how to collect more orders after the party is over so you don’t leave any money on the table! (Oh, snap!)


Mo' Money! Mo' Money! - $49.00

10 Ideas To Increase Your Sales!

Want more money? (Duh. Who doesn't?) Want fresh ideas on traditional sales strategies that work? (Duuuuuuuh! Of course you do.) In this video training, discover ways to get your hostesses to help you sell more, utilize Facebook to increase your personal sales, and increase your average customer order at your parties.


Homie, Say What!? - $49.00

95 Ways to Say Whatcha Want

Do you struggle to figure out WHAT to say to get bookings? What about overcoming objections? Or even what to say to share your business without sounding pushy or sales-y? Then this is the training for you! Listen as The Tag Team shares 95 Ways on WHAT to say WHEN including your 10 second commercial, follow-up, hostess coaching, thank yous and much more! Handouts included.



How to Get Bookings Using Facebook...Like a Boss - $49.00

10 Ideas to Help you Get Bookings

How's your calendar looking? Could it look better? Yeah? Then this VIDEO training is for you!!! We share TEN fun, tried and true methods of getting bookings using Facebook! It's a can't miss!!