Recorded Online Party Trainings

Here you can find all sorts of tools and resources to improve your virtual parties, online parties, Facebook parties, and other social media events!


Party Starter Collection - $875.00$247.00

3 Fun Formulas You Need to get the Party Started on Facebook.

Here’s the 411 on exactly what’s included:


The 30-Minute Facebook Party Formula ($349 value)
7 videos that explain why Facebook Parties are the bomb!


The Facebook Party Hostess Formula ($297 value)
6 videos that coach you on how to train your Facebook Party Hostess so she does exactly what you tell her to!


The Facebook Party Follow-Up Formula ($229 value)
4 videos that coach you on how to collect more orders after the party is over so you don’t leave any money on the table! (Oh, snap!)

Jingle Bell ROCK Your Business w/ Bonus - $194.00$47.00

PLUS Deck the Walls

Do you need some fun and festive ideas for your business? Wanna increase your sales and get more bookings this holiday season?! (Duh! Of course you do!!) In this video series you'll get 10 brand NEW holiday ideas for your business page, home and Facebook parties, hostess coaching, while you're out and about, and even an idea for your downline! PLUS you get a FREE gift! Access to our Deck the Walls holiday training!!

Mo' Money! Mo' Money! - $49.00

10 Ideas To Increase Your Sales!

Want more money? (Duh. Who doesn't?) Want fresh ideas on traditional sales strategies that work? (Duuuuuuuh! Of course you do.) In this video training, discover ways to get your hostesses to help you sell more, utilize Facebook to increase your personal sales, and increase your average customer order at your parties.

Homie, Say What!? - $49.00

95 Ways to Say Whatcha Want

Do you struggle to figure out WHAT to say to get bookings? What about overcoming objections? Or even what to say to share your business without sounding pushy or sales-y? Then this is the training for you! Listen as The Tag Team shares 95 Ways on WHAT to say WHEN including your 10 second commercial, follow-up, hostess coaching, thank yous and much more! Handouts included.

Get The Interaction You Want! - $19.99

Things You Should STOP Doing in Your Facebook Parties

It's not uncommon to have low interaction in your Facebook parties, especially if you're not following The Tag Team formula. During this video training, Amanda and Rachel discuss 5 things you should stop doing in order to increase engagement during your parties.


Keeping It Real - $15.99

A 4-Step Strategy For Successful Periscopes

Have you heard all the buzz about Periscope? Are you curious about HOW this live video streaming app can help you build relationships AND grow your business? Want to get in on the fun but not sure how to use it? Scared to take that first step? Then THIS is the training for you!!! Listen as Rachel & Amanda explain their NEW 4-part strategy on WHAT to say and WHY. ** 6 BONUS Periscope video examples included!

RockSTAR Reps Q&A - $9.99

Hear from top reps who are ROCKING out their Facebook parties...Tag Team Style! Amanda and Rachel interview these rock stars about how they get such high retail at their Facebook parties, how they consistently get bookings, and how Facebook parties have changed their businesses. No matter what company you represent, this call is a MUST LISTEN to training!

Meet our Rock Star Reps:
*JENESSA with Thirty-One Gifts - Average Facebook Party sales are $700
*CAREN with Thirty-One Gifts (Canada) - Average Facebook party attendance is over 20 guests
*CLARE with Norwex - Consistently holds 10-12 Facebook parties each month
*STEPHANIE with Premier Designs - Uses Facebook parties as a way to increase her home party retail
*TABITHA with Tupperware - Earned a car and two free trips as a result of Facebook parties
*JENNIE with lia sophia - Has made over $40,000 in sales from partying on Facebook

LET IT GO - $12.99

How to Test Your Limits and Break Through...Using Facebook

Are you familiar with Facebook parties? Do you WANT to learn how to utilize this amazing tool in your business? Do you ever feel like you could do more but just don’t know how? If you’re already doing Facebook parties, could the results be better (heavens knows you’ve tried)?

Join The Tag Team as they share their tried and true methods on building relationships while partying on Facebook. Listen as they give solid ideas on how to improve interaction, sales, and bookings all within the walls of Facebook.

Top 10 Mistakes Reps Make While Partying on Facebook - $5.99

Are you struggling with your Facebook parties? Not sure what the problem is? It could be an easy fix! During this 10 minute video, The Tag Team girls explain the top 10 mistakes reps make with their Facebook parties. Get access now!

How to Get S'MORE Out of Your Business - $29.99

3 Part Series

The Tag Team has joined forces with Shari McAllister from Average to Excellence to present the 3-part series, "How to Get S'MORE Out of Your Business." This dynamic series will consist of 3 conference calls focusing on HOW to get bookings from both your Facebook parties and your home parties (the graham cracker), HOW to recruit at your Facebook and home parties (the marshmallow), and finally HOW to lead your team (the chocolate).

This exciting series is designed to equip you with the right tools to rock out your business and get S'MORE out of it!! Are you ready for something amazing to happen??? Join us!



How to Get Bookings Using Facebook...Like a Boss - $49.00

10 Ideas to Help you Get Bookings

How's your calendar looking? Could it look better? Yeah? Then this VIDEO training is for you!!! We share TEN fun, tried and true methods of getting bookings using Facebook! It's a can't miss!!



The Shopportunity Training - $632.00$197.00

If you're serious about growing a team, this is YOUR year and THIS is your tool. Do you find it hard to get people to sit down with you to hear about your business? Do you find people just don't have the time? This 8-part video series teaches you a fun, fast, effective, and non-pushy way to get YOUR marketing plan in front of more people using events on Facebook.

Shopportunity Bonus - $47.00

25 situations & sample verbiage of what to say, text or message when connecting with a prospect

Shopportunity Bonus Pack 2018 - $194.00$97.00

Event Video Blueprint & Cash Calendar



Event Video Blueprint ~ We give you examples of how to do literally everything, start to finish in your event video, we make it super easy to get set up and get those team members rolling in.  100% FUN guaranteed!


Cash Calendar ~ A super powerful tool that pairs PERFECTLY with your Shopportunity event.  A 15-month template PLUS verbiage that will give your prospects a REAL breakdown of the dollars and cents you're making in your biz in a way that's SO clear and easy to understand!