Host a Facebook Party

Host a Facebook Party

How To Host Great Facebook Parties


Tag Team Party Peeps answers some of the fan's questions on hosting a Facebook party. We have collected some of the Q&As posted in our social media accounts so that seekers may find a resource that is filled with information about hosting a Facebook party. We hope that the information can provide insights on what to do and what not to do in hosting a Facebook party.


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Q: What is the best day to Host a Facebook party?


A: We loved partying on Sunday and Monday nights. But really any night of the week (besides Friday and Saturday nights) work great! Oh! And 9 pm seems to still be the "best time" since most people are home from work, dinner is done, kids are in bed and people are on Facebook anyway.


Q: As a host of a Facebook party, what is the most effective way for me to attract peeps?


A: If you are using Facebook to try and get some more bookings, then instead of posting ON your wall to the masses- try sending private messages (personalized) to each peep. It works better; it's not spammy, and it lets you be yourself.


Q: In hosting a Facebook party, how do I get people to the party?


A: Have your hostess invite her friends personally. Coach her to send each and every person she’s invited a private message about her event. (No mass messages!) Tell her to include the link to the event in that message!! People will not take the time to RSVP by searching their Events for her party, but they will click on a link she’s shared and RSVP.


Q: HoW Do I promote Parties on Facebook?


A: Bribe your hostess. Really, her job is to get her people there, right? Tell her that her goal is to get 25 RSVPs and that once that happens she’ll get extra cash to spend the night of her party. (Or another fun surprise that you can offer!)


Q: What is the magic number of people to invite to a Facebook party?


A: 50 peeps, maximum


Q: If your hostess insists on more, what should you suggest?


A: Tell her she should totally consider hearing more about your business opportunity because she could easily plan 2 or 3 parties for just her friends!


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Q: How To invite people to my facebook party?

A: First, create your Facebook event. For help creating an event, click here. After you've created the event, you'll want to start personally inviting guests. We've found that a max of 50 guests works well, as you want a group of people who will be invested and active in the party, as opposed to a larger group with less interested guests. Your host can help you with inviting guests, and soon enough you'll have a hopping party with better attendance than one you might have in person.



Q: What are some good Facebook party games? 14 Fun Games To Boost Engagement


A: Games help break the ice and make people feel comfortable at your Facebook party. Boosting engagement helps make your parties your lively, and it also encourages customers to purchase. So, whether it's your first Facebook party or you're looking for new ideas, we've put together a list of 14 fun party games to help get your party hopping.


Know Your Host: Use a simple guessing game to help guests get to know you! Create a graphic with a bunch of your products and have your guests guess which one your host picked for herself!


Scavenger hunt: create a list of things and send your guests on a hunt through their house to take one picture with all the items included.


Guess the number: Use a classic game with a modern twist. Fill up a container of some sort with whatever products or objects you'd like. Take a pic and have your guests guess how many items are in the container. The person closest wins.


Ugly items contest: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some things are just plain ugly. Have guests take a pic of ugly jewelry or an ugly bag and you get to judge the winner!


Scrabble: Give guests a set of random letters (you could even pull letters and words from your product line), and whoever can make the most words out of those words before time runs out wins!


Movie Libs: Have your guests replace a word in a movie with a word from your company (or product). This could either be a timed contest or you could pick the funniest or most clever substitution.


Name Your Life Movie: Have your guests comment the movie title that best describes them or their life! Games that help your community get to know each other are awesome for engagement and relationship-building on Facebook.


Simon Says: Another classic game with a modern twist. You can tell guests to "like" your business page, join the Facebook group, or to comment with a funny selfie. It's totally up to you.


Perfect Guest: This one isn't so much a game as just a clever way to get people engaged. Before the party starts, you can create a list of things for guests to do during the party and each one could have a certain point value. Much like Simon Says, you could have your guests like your page, share content, post selfies, or even making a purchase (wink)! Have guests keep track of their points throughout the party.


Tell A Story: Start off this game by posting a story prompt (perhaps the first sentence) and encouraging guests to write the next sentence in a comment. Who knows - maybe by the end you'll have the next New York Times bestseller!


Bingo: Similar to Scrabble, you could use words or letters borrowed from your products and publish the list close to the beginning of the party. Send guests a message containing their assigned letters, and during the party you can randomly select words from the list. 


Trivia: Post a list of trivia questions relating to your company or products. The first guest to give you the correct answer or product earns a point.


Hangman: Think of a word or phrase and type "_" for each letter. Have guests take turns guessing a letter, but be careful! Too many wrong guesses means game over!


Scrambled Letters: Scramble the letters of products from your website. Give the first guest to unscramble each word a point. The guest who earns the most points wins a prize.


Q: How Often To Post on Facebook Parties?


Yes, this does matter! You want to avoid annoying your party guests, and you also need to be mindful of Facebook's algorithm. The more posts you have that are not engaged with by your guests, the more red flags that go up for Facebook. You want to converse as as you would in person.


Avoid annoying party guests with multiple notifications by limiting posts to once a day as you lead up to party time. You can utilize apps like Cinchshare to schedule all your party posts in advance so you can focus on engagement during the live party. In general, you want to keep posts nicely spaced out because a) too many posts at a time will inevitably reduce the number of people who interact with each, as they'll be spread in multiple directions. Plus, guests may see it as spam, which may lead to a mass exit of party guests from not only your Facebook Party event, but your group where you might have created the event.


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