Direct Sales Facebook Party

Direct Sales Facebook Party

Make Your Facebook Party A Success


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Facebook parties are a pretty cool addition to the direct sales world. They allow you to garner tons of engagement on your businesses' Facebook page — all without spending a dime! Doing so will not only increase your business' name recognition but also help customers see you for the amazing individuals that you are!

When it comes to hosting a Facebook party, there are a few nuances you have to get right. That's where the Tag Team Party Peeps can help. We'll show you the right way to hold Facebook parties for direct sales using our extensive knowledge and experience. We've prepared various training materials so that all you need to do is apply what you'll learn for successful Facebook parties, online parties, and other social media events.


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We started our organization when we were still direct sellers. Before, we noticed how traditional catalog parties lack communication among the party-goers and personal touch from the host. This made us think of a better way of holding these events. With the availability of new media technology, we considered holding 30-minute direct sales Facebook parties using the different tools provided by the platform. Since then, we have seen the success rates of our direct sales parties rise, and we would like to share our secrets with you.


Today, Tag Team Party Peeps provides training for representatives from over 100 direct sales companies on building effective relationships using various forms of social media while focusing on the tools needed to hold successful virtual parties. Our company, together with the advent of new media technology, can change the way direct sales is done. During trainings, not only will information be provided but fun and excitement will also be integrated so that representatives can adopt this lively atmosphere to their Facebook parties.


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Tag Team Party Peeps trains direct sellers and small business owners to market their products using Facebook parties. Virtual catalog parties, virtual team training events, business opportunity presentations, one-on-one training, group and team training, and personalized event scripts and images are just some of the fun things we provide.


If you're looking for ways to improve your Facebook parties and generate more engagement, read on!


Tips For Hosting Effective Facebook Parties

If you're new to hosting a virtual party, or if you've never hosted a Facebook party before, you might find the following video helpful. We'll walk you through exactly what a Facebook party is and what you might expect your first time around.

  1. Add your party hostess on Facebook
  2. Create a Facebook event
  3. Encourage your hostess to invite people to event (her friends can invite their friends - the more the merrier!)
  4. Get your hostess excited!
  5. Get this party started!
  6. Follow up with your guests! This is how you build relationships.


If this ain't your first rodeo and you're looking to improve your Facebook party hosting abilities, this video might be more your speed. We go into a bit more detail on what makes a successful virtual party and what might be holding yours back.


Stuff Every Successful Virtual Party Gets Right


Now, onto the good stuff. If you look at any successful virtual party, you'll notice that there are a few elements they'll consistently get right. We've broken down the list of elements into two sections: before the party preparation, and during the party etiquette.


Before the party:


Preparation is key to a successful virtual party. They differ a little bit from your traditional in-home party (aside from the fact that they are not, in fact, hosted in-home). While some people are able to pull off a home party with little or last-minute preparation, it's not a winning formula for a virtual party. There are certain guidelines by which you have to abide, or you might see the inside of "Facebook jail" for a few days. There are also a few different technical aspects you'll want to address to make sure that you maximize the effectiveness of your party.



For tips on maximizing Facebook Insights: check out Hootsuite's guide.


During the party:


Once the party is started, your job is a lot easier than it was during the preparation stages. In a lot of ways, you'll host a virtual party as you would a traditional home party, except you'll do this from the comfort of your own home (pajamas optional) with no tiring clean-up afterward.



Tips For Going LIVE on Facebook:



  1. Go to your news feed, tap the "Live" option to get started.
  2. Give Facebook access to your camera & microphone.
  3. Choose your privacy setting -- unless you want a party of one, you'll want to make sure your post isn't set to "only me."
  4. Write a good description (you'll only have a small space to write an attention-grabbing headline and compelling text)
  5. Tag friends (if necessary) and choose location.
  6. Before you click "Go LIVE," be sure the camera is facing the direction you want it to (you don't want to get caught off guard with your best ugly face).
  7. When finished, click "finish."



  1. Go to "Write something" box, click "Start a Live Video"
  2. Write an attention-grabbing and compelling summary.
  3. Give Facebook permission to use your computer's camera and microphone.
  4. Check to make sure your view is correct.
  5. Press "Go Live," tap "Finish" when you're done.
  6. Use Video Analytics to analyze the video's performance (click the "Insights" tab on top of your brand's page).


To Learn More About Maximizing Facebook Live: Hubspot's Facebook LIVE Guide


In today's world, you and your business have to take advantage of every opportunity you can. Facebook parties are a great start, but there are so many tools available to you, it'd be a shame (and a strategic mistake) not to put them to use. When it comes to virtual parties, you have a lot of options, and they can be overwhelming if you're new to this. The Tag Team Party Peeps can help you get your virtual parties off to a rocking start.


Fun Facebook Parties for Direct Sales


When it comes to professional advice on hosting a Facebook party for your direct sales campaign, Tag Team Party Peeps can help. We can assist you with any of the following:



Contact Tag Team Party Peeps today to get started on your direct sales Facebook event. We have dynamic personalities that allow us to bring a sense of freshness and excitement to the direct sales industry. By conducting effective direct sales Facebook parties, salespeople can take advantage the convenience and effectiveness of online or virtual tools.


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