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Direct Sales

Direct Sales


Knowing the ins and outs of marketing in the social network giant is a requirement for a successful online campaign. The method of direct sales has changed since the dawn of new media. In the past, newspapers and other print media are the most commonly used carriers of information. Today, together with television-on-demand and other digital forms of media, the Internet has created a social platform where virtual counterparts of real-life experiences are encountered. We'll look at how new media has affected direct sales marketing, and we'll give you some tips on how to maximize the use of online tools for your venture.


Direct sales is a great way to introduce a product to your market and to customers who matter the most: those in social networks relevant to the product you're selling. With this principle, it is now easier to pinpoint your potential customers just by looking at their interests on their Facebook page and by inviting them to direct sales Facebook events or parties. This method is just one of the ways to take advantage of the massive reach of this online platform. We'll also take a look at the other ways that Facebook can help with any direct sales campaign.


What is Direct Selling?


Even during uncertain economic conditions, entrepreneurs can find success with direct selling. Different companies such as Tupperware and Avon are direct sales businesses that provide motivated people with the chance to market their products in the comfort of their own homes (through their computers and the Internet) or by going to door-to-door (traditionally). Whatever method the sellers choose, it is important to know the market so that time and effort are not wasted.


Direct sales is a fairly straightforward business model. An interested seller signs up with a company, typically investing some of his own money upfront to pay for the initial products to sell. This seller is now responsible for selling those products, and the money is then passed on to the company. The seller then receives a commission based on what he or she has sold. In this way, strategic salesmanship and confidence equate to larger income for the seller.


Today, shoppers have access to just about any product or service through direct sales. Many people think of cosmetics, cleaning products, nutritional supplements, and homewares as products that are available through direct sales, but countless of other products are also sold, such as kitchen items, cookware, jewelry, clothing, office supplies, art materials, and many more. The direct sales method has not only brought success to salespersons but also convenience to shoppers who would otherwise have to make an effort to go to the store. 


How Can I Perform Direct Selling Through Facebook?


Understanding that content is still king when it comes to online marketing is important for the success of a direct sales campaign. Using helpful how-to tips, questions and polls, exclusive promotional offers and discounts, funny and related videos, or attention-grabbing photos are just some of the ways to use Facebook for direct selling. Providing content that Fans and visitors will value and appreciate is the ticket to increased engagement through their Likes, comments, and shares.


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