Wrestling With Facebook Parties?

Tuesday, October 20th 2015 @ 12:35pm

Let’s be real…direct sellers seem to be holding Facebook parties each and every night…at least sometimes it feels that way. :)  Life is busy, right?  It’s SO much more convenient to shop online AND way more fun when you add a personal touch.  There are a few things to remember though when holding these Facebook parties…

Traditional Catalog Parties vs. Facebook Parties

Facebook has created a platform for direct sellers to connect with their hostesses and customers like never before.  As a result, the traditional catalog party pales in comparison to Facebook partying because often there is a lack of connections made between the consultant and customers.  It is so much more enjoyable for customers and hostesses alike, to experience the one-on-one interaction and service provided through the Facebook party.

Events vs. Groups

We are advocates of holding Facebook parties in events and NOT groups. The thing is….with groups, many hostesses and consultants add their friends to the group WITHOUT asking them first.  And y’all…people get annoyed with that! It’s becoming an epidemic. Yes, really. In our direct sales, party-on-Facebook world, it’s something that is happening at a record rate and needs to stop immediately. The consequence is not only having frustrated, pissed off guests- but consultants who choose to party in groups, are more likely to land themselves in Facebook jail without any warning. (siren sounds here)

By holding your Facebook parties in PRIVATE events, you create a more personal shopping experience for your guests.  We often hear of consultants holding “public” events thinking they will get more exposure and in turn increase their sales.  But guess what….the complete opposite happens.  Events set to public create spam. As a result, people end up “un-friended” or “hidden" which is almost irreversible.  And you do NOT want that!!

Online Catalog vs. Custom Album

We do not recommend linking your company’s online catalog to the Facebook party.  Yes, we said it…and we’ll say it again.  DON’T link your online catalog during your Facebook parties.  Just don’t do it. Clicking on the link to the online catalog takes customers away from the event page and they often don’t come back.  Another problem with online catalogs is that they can be overwhelming.  Remember, these events should only last 30 minutes so it’s important to have a smaller, more manageable album of products for customers to look through.  Another key factor with the custom albums is to make the price point $40 or less because guests are more likely to make purchases when the prices are under $40.

Sales-y vs. Sharing

There’s a fine line between pushing your product and sharing it. People want to discover the product on their own and receive amazing, personal service. When relationships and connections are made, and good service is received, sales will increase. It’s a fact. :) If a guest sees the consultant hard selling the product, they are less likely to attend the event.  But if they’re learning about the product through a series of fun posts prior to the party, you’ll have MUCH more success.


It’s through trial and error that we’ve found these practices to be successful. Although Facebook parties should never replace home parties, they do provide an incredible supplement to the traditional catalog party plan when following The Tag Team formula. :)