Just a Direct Seller

Tuesday, February 17th 2015 @ 7:40pm

When we were direct sellers, we worked our businesses like…well…businesses. We both sold jewelry, so we dressed like “the jewelry lady,” (most) days. You would have definitely found mini catalogs and business cards in our diaper bags…along with random Happy Meal toys and a loose Cadbury Mini Egg...or two. (Just keeping it real.) Our Facebook pages were updated daily…fashion advice, funny quotes, Polyvore outfit creations and the usual jewelry-of-the-day selfie. (And since we are keeping it real, Amanda posted more selfies…just for the record.) Direct sales wasn't just a hobby for us. It was part of who we were. We worked it. We loved it. And when people asked us what we did, we confidently said- “I’m a Jewelry Lady!”

Unless you’re a jewelry lady…a bag lady...a nail lady or a direct seller lady of any product, it’s hard to see past the bad reputation of everything that direct sales really ISN’T. And only direct sellers (current or past) see that. So, if you’re like we were…legit direct sales business owners…and ever find yourself in a situation where someone refers to you as “just a direct seller,” recite this and then walk off-- like a boss. (Not really- but a dramatic flip of the hair would be totally appropriate.)

"Because of direct sales I "just" make more money than I ever have... I've "just" been able to be a mom at home... I "just" eat brownies, meet cool people and help them shop while working.... I "just" work for a company that serves people, who I would sell tires for if that was their product... I "just" work with my best friends and help others work with theirs. Yeah, I'm "just" fine being "just" a direct seller, thank you very much."