Custom Albums VS Online Catalogs

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 @ 11:35am

“Why can’t I just link my online catalog during the Facebook event, instead of using a custom album like you suggest?” I mean, right?  It’s so much easier to just use an online catalog during your Facebook parties, isn’t it? We hear this question so often when training direct sellers and small business owners how to use our Facebook party formula. But before we share our thoughts on this, lets explain what we consider a custom album to be. It’s quite simple actually…custom albums are just a small sampling of your products uploaded onto your Facebook fan page. It’s a public album that guests can browse through quickly and shop from easily during your Facebook parties. With that being said, there are quite a few reasons we suggest using a custom album instead of your online catalog.

  • Online catalogs are overwhelming. Done and done. When you’re hosting a 30 minute Facebook party, you have a lot to cover. Online catalogs just have too much product to browse through in a short period of time. Plus we don’t know about you, but we’re easily distracted (hey, now…) and once we leave the Facebook event to look at the online album, we’re going to forget where we’re supposed to be which is back on the Facebook event page!  With the custom album, ladies are able to see the product and comment under the picture of the item they want to order. It’s fast and easy. Which is what Facebook parties are all about!
  • You want to keep your guests on Facebook! If you link your catalog to the event and they start looking at it… they’re gone… off the event… you miss the opportunity to finish out the party with them. When they look at your custom album, they stay on Facebook!  In fact, Facebook notifies them when you make your next post which is KEY because the next post will be asking them about hosting a party! This is where you get bookings!! If they are off browsing your online catalog, you’ll lose that opportunity. And it’s rare that they make it back before the party is over.

  • During a Facebook party, the price point of the products is vitally important. What we’ve learned is that people don’t get onto Facebook to buy. Even if you have 8-10 guests who have RSVP’d to your hostess’s Facebook party, this doesn’t mean 8-10 orders will be rolling in as they do at a home party. Ladies aren’t able to touch and feel your product which as we all know is a huge factor in purchasing. However, if your custom album includes items that retail for $40 or less, you will end up selling more than if you used your online album with all sorts of price points.

Does that mean we don’t ever suggest you link your online catalog? No! But share it once the party has ended or send the link to a guest if they ask for it. You could even share it with your hostess a few days before the event begins just to give her a sneak peek and to get her pumped up!  Because we all know that when the hostess is excited there’s an increased chance the rest of her guests will be too. And that’s our 2 cents on custom albums. Holla!