The Bottom Line

Friday, August 1st 2014 @ 10:17pm

Facebook can be tricky to us as business owners, right? You post on your fan page that you’re looking to give away some free product and not one person responds. Or you share a really great tip and a sale you’re offering and get one “like.” Sound familiar? When I first started my fan page, I had NO idea what I was doing!!! The company Rachel and I repped for (yeah, did you know we were direct sellers just like you?) didn’t allow internet sales, we couldn’t ask for bookings or solicit to sponsor people that we didn’t already have a relationship with. I just remember thinking… what in the world will a business page do for me? I can’t sell, book or even recruit!! It seemed pointless, but little did I know, it would change my business!!


If you’ve attended any of our trainings or listened to conference calls we’ve spoken on, you’ll hear us say that relationships over Facebook is what it’s all about! In fact, the #1 reason the Facebook party was born was because we were frustrated with the lack of connections being made (or NOT being made) in our traditional catalog show setup. So… creating a PERSONAL environment (a-hem, a private Facebook event) to get to know our catalog show hostesses and customers is WHY and HOW our Facebook party formula works. Because, girls, we're going to be real…people don’t get on Facebook to buy. Nope, they sure don’t. They get on Facebook to build connections, be entertained and to socialize! So…what does this mean for you as business peeps? Are you never going to close a sale on the walls of Facebook? No. That’s not what we’re saying… it happens…it does...it will! But probably not the way you’ve been trying. So, our suggestions? (Glad you asked.) It's easy. Switch your focus from selling and give amazing service. Instead of focusing on profit, focus on the people. Relationships...the bottom line.