Good morning lovely ladies! I just wanted to personally thank you for the Facebook party training. It opened my eyes and today I'm reworking the way I present them. I'm a single mom now doing it all on my own. I know this will help me tremendously. Bless you for making this a free event! Warm regards, Rebecca

- Rebecca Coleman

Hey girls! Wanted to share this with y'all! I just closed a $1053 show using the formula and my host never hosted a Pampered Chef party before and I got two bookings too! thanks girls! I'm changing in so many ways because of you!

- Megan Estes, Pampered Chef

Just wanted to let you know that TAG TEAM training totally rocked my party the other night. Another friend who is also a DS and follows you was my host. We did the whole thing Tag Team Style. Soooooo sucessful!! We did a FB Party on Wednesday night and the live party on Thursday. 4 bookings!!!! 1 from FB and 3 from the dice game!! Over $1350 in Norwex sold!!! Thank you!! What-the-what!?!?!?!!! We are both pumped!!! Thanks again!

- Tricia Gauss

So I have had varying degrees of success with my online parties - I had nearly given up because my last party was about $90 in sales. My party last night was nearly $900 with three party bookings!! You literally added a zero to my party!! I loved coming to bed telling my husband how much I had earned for a few hours work at home in my pjs! Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited now to do more! (Did I say thank you??? ) Thank you!!! Oh and thank you!!

- Emily

I want to say thank you for inspiring me. I had my first at home party last night and they all said I was real and not sales-y. I owe it all to you! A 600 dollar show, a booking and a consultant on my team. Yay!

- Amanda Lehman

Hey The Tag Team! I just wanted to share with you that I just got a new team member, thanks to the awesome 30 minute party and Shopportunity formula! I met a girl on the other side of the country, she came to one of my Facebook parties (yes, where I use your 30 minute party formula), and I held a Shopportunity on Facebook, which she also attended, and she just signed up today! Thank you so much for these trainings, they work!!!!!!!

- Jennifer Beerline, Posh

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you two!! I had never done Facebook parties before and after completing your training I have had my best month ever and booked twice as many parties as before!! Not only are you to hilariously entertaining... but you know your stuff!

- Jessica Hurst, Younique

Hey ladies, I want to thank you both so much. Last night I tried your formula and had the most sales I've ever had in an online party in just an hour of work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Shauna Long Wooldridge

I just closed out my biggest party ever after implementing The Tag Team trainings I've done! Thanks for sharing all your wisdom!

- Janette Magan, Norwex

Hi ya'll! So here I am, one of the aforementioned people wanting to just tell you how awesome you are! My friend and company mentor recommended I visit your page to learn how to do a 30-minute Facebook party. She said you gals were awesome. And oh was she right! Thank you SO much for the 4-part instructional how-to on creating this party and being successful at it. I wouldn't have had a clue where to start. I was super stressed out about this party; I'm a new consultant so I was barely used to the regular game style Facebook, let alone a quick 30-minute one! I can't wait to start creating my graphics to go along with my pre-party posts and also creating some videos to share. Seriously----THANK YOU! You ladies rock!

- Morgan Kirk, Jamberry

Just wrapped up my first Tag Team Facebook party and it was a huge success! Thanks for the awesome training ladies! What a rush!

- Emily Hutson Christie

I did my first Tag Team 30 minute FB party last night and ROCKED IT - like a boss!!! Almost $400 in sales and 2 bookings! Best Monday night I've had in a long time.... maybe ever! Thanks so much for your awesomeness!!!!

- Marisa Walton

OMG, OMG, OMG, I love u ladies. I need to hug u right now!!!!! I have just closed a party that was so big I was over the daily limit so I'm having to place half today half tomorrow. !!!! The money I paid for the training I bought was money well spent. I will be buying the rest. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

- Victoria Kyme

I just wanted to share that I reached one of my BIG HUGE personal goals in the month of May ~ to sell $10,000 in one month! And guess what?!?! $5300 of that was Facebook Parties! Thanks for sharing your amazing The Tag Team formula! ?#?itworks? ?#?biggoals? ?#?fbparties?

- Tabitha Brinkman, Tupperware

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! That is all. ;)

- Krista Beakley

I sent out 16 private messages with your verbiage, got 3 Yes with DATES, 1 Yes without a date (following up today), and 2 that couldn't do this month but said YES for next month!!! So 6 bookings from 14 messages!!! I did this last week ON THE BEACH. Yes, ON THE BEACH. Woohooooooo!!!!

- Daune Zook

I purchased The Whole Shebang and started using it this month!! I'm having great success: five Facebook parties this month and almost $2500 in sales. Five more parties to go!! Thank you Tag Team!

- Naomi Rivera Negron

I'm closing up my new team member's $1500 FACEBOOK Grand Opening Party. That's right.... $1500!!! The formula works! #tagteamrocks #followtheformula

- Tabitha Schuettpelz Brinkman

I am loving me some The Tag Team!!!!! You ladies rock and are so helpful!!!

- Jessica Eason-Welch

Just have to quickly share the success of my FIRST The Tag Team formula FB party! Maybe skeptics bc I'm selling books, which are hard to judge by their covers, but it went SO well! Guests loved the Usborne custom album, and here are some comments from ordering guests when I asked for feedback: "I liked browsing through the album. It was quick and easy and all in the same area so I didn't feel like I had to go back and forth from the website to the facebook event." "I liked having the album option as it was easy to use on my phone and I had trouble looking at the site on my phone (I did click on the link earlier on my computer and accessed it with no trouble). I appreciated the option since I wasn't able to get home and on my computer until the end of the party." PLUS, I gave both options for ordering, the website link AND the custom album, and 4 out of 5 ordering guests used the ALBUM! So, thanks, ladies, for your awesome formula and spot-on training. In the words of one of my favorite bands: I'm a BELIEVER!

- Melody Stroud

Ok - I just booked an fb party in OREGON - I am in NJ!!!! this is so freakin' AWESOME!!!! I could kiss you both!!!

- Kelly Ann Dunn

A year ago, my 1 year goal was to still have 1-3 parties a month, hopefully slowly building. After I (reluctantly) took Tag Team training in June (because my leader told me I needed to) my party average went from $325 to over $500. Four parties in July, all over $500, and I made my first promotion. August, I got a second promotion. I'm ready for another one! Back to Tag Team! Work your magic, girls!!

- Natalie Bey

Hey, girls! I have been using some of your tips and it is helping. Thanks so much! Love your willingness to share. Sometimes people get all selfish and don't wanna share ideas with others. Not you girls! Thanks so much!

- Jan McGalliard

Thanks so much for your amazing ideas and sharing your party ideas with us!!! I have had 3 parties this month so far and it increased my PV for the month by $1000!!!! You guys ROCK!!! You inspired me to go for it and I am so glad I did!!!!

- Carla Lewter

Did my first Jammies and Jewelry show tonight and EVERYONE LOVED IT!! Thanks so much for getting me organized with it and pointing me in the right direction! I loI LOVE YOU GUYS! MWAH!!

- Alicia Blair

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I just had my first Facebook party and had a blast no thanks to you guys. The party itself went really well and we could have stayed online partying I felt like all night long. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing this more often in my business. You guys are awesome!

- Brittny Smith

Had another FB party tonight- $800 in sales (more orders coming in), AND the hostess is joining my team ( = The hostess was AMAZING, and I loved chatting with the attendees. One even said "This is the fastest party I have ever been to!" Yup, Yup, and fun too!!!! Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

- Danielle Delfanian

Huge Thank you, thank you for all your help. OMG! After announcing to my customers the launching of FB parties, I had booked 5 within the hour, YEAH ME!!!! Then, had my first FB party, HUGE Success, retail was AWESOME and booked 1 more FB party. Woohoo!!!

- Kareen Ellis

Did all the pre-party posts, used a custom album, used the HCT and for the first time ever I got sales instantly! Plus my hostess signed on to be a consultant and we got bookings! Um... is thank you enough? I feel like I should send y'all chocolates or something!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! And with this, I think I convinced my hubby that I NEED the Whole Shebang.

- Anonymous

So I just did my first Tag Team style party.... THANK YOU!!!! I did get a tad overwhelmed at first - but it was because I couldn't keep up with the orders hahaha <- not a bad problem to have though!!! Thank you from one happy Jam-gal!!!

- Anonymous

Hey, Hey Girls! Your first "Whole Shebang" girl checking in here to say. "Yey Tag Team Rocks!!!!!" I did my first Facebook show scheduled for this month last night during a Blizzard(This was originally a home party but NEMO had other plans for me!) Well girls, I just have to say I'm stoked, pumped and exhausted! I had so much fun in one hour!!! This show is at $500 in sales with 2-5 bookings (2 of which are home shows!) AMAZING!!!! I am a huge fan of The Tag Team girls! I knew I wanted to do a Facebook show, but in addition to Simply Said, I work full time! U just doesn't have the time!!!!

- Beth Goodreau

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you for last month's Jamberry Training. I am booking at least two parties off of each party I do, my June is full to the brim so thank you again - you ladies are Jamazing!!

- Anonymous

So inspired by the Facebook Party training I had tonight!! These ladies are rocking my socks.

- Susan Kipp

Did a FB party tonight to "bring in" the 3 catalog shows I had out this month that could have easily gotten away. Turning in over $1400 in sales after the party, got a couple bookings & warmed up a recruit lead! Whoop Whoop! Thanks so much for your tips!!!!

- Jan Rondy

Thank you for changing my business!!! You girls ROCK!

- Stephanie Knoop's Bling Thing

Oh my word, you ladies are right! I took your verbiage and messaged one of my fans who is an acquaintance and she IMMEDIATELY replied "I'd love to!" I'm literally shocked that it was that easy!!! Thank you!!!

- Amy Jenkins

I am doing my first FB party right now and I'm having so much fun watching the comments come in!!!! This is soooo exciting!!!! Thank you The Tag Team for sharing your awesomesauce with us!!!!!

- Jami Burnes

3 of 10 parties booked so far..... dang you chicks are the REAL DEAL!!!! (Mind you I've only heard back from 3 people so far!!!!!) Thank You!!!!!

- Heather Bennett

You girls ROCK!

- Jill Lynch

2 Facebook parties this week, and both were $500!!!! Can I get a WHAT What!!!?

- Anonymous

I have to say that I am so excited! Your formula is NO JOKE! I'm implementing it for the first time at an upcoming party. I made my hostess video and sent it out along with some sample wording for her to send to her guests. Within an hour, I already have 15 "yes" RSVPs at the party! My highest total ever has been 12! I am going to pop with anticipation for the rest of the party! Thanks for being awesome girls!

- Anonymous

Did my first Tag Team formula party last night.... Orders are still rolling in but it's looking to be an $800 party plus I got F O U R bookings! Thanks ladies - you have made a believer out of me!

- Robin Blosser

THANK YOU!! Just had my first fb party and it was a BLAST! I got 4 bookings also! Which is amazing to me as I have NEVER gotten ANY bookings from a party before! I'm SO excited! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I've had such a hard time getting folks to host parties locally, have a LOT of out of town customers, catalog parties are OK and occasionally get those, but this, THIS feels like the perfect situation to me building my business! I am so excited and can't wait to see where FB parties take me! (I'm hoping to Disney!) ?

- Leslie Burton

Facebook shows have helped me reach my goal of quitting my job to stay home at 29 with no kiddos! I increased my retail by over $9,000 in the last couple of years using your formula and that's not including individual orders! Wahoo!!

- Ashley Ruark

I just had to share what my latest Facebook Party Hostess had to say after she sold $1300+ at her party! She sent me this e-mail.... Thanks, truly the easiest party ever. I said since I didn't have to buy snacks and clean my house I got to use that money to buy myself some stuff! LOVE that idea!!!! - Crystal Shaw Anderson WooHoo! I love the Tag Team!!! Thank you for making my business reach new heights!

- Amy Pinkston

Had my first PJ party tonight. UMMMM, "thank you" doesn't seem strong enough to express my appreciation of what you have done for me. I splurged for the "Whole Shebang", and girls it's WORTH IT. I made enough in this show to pay for it (for reals) AND, I got 3 HOMESHOWS...and 3 more FB parties!

- Constance Long

Did my first Facebook party tonight and BIG success! Booked two FB parties and one home party, lots of exciting feedback from friends and family. Thank you Tag Team! The calls were such a great investment.

- Jenessa Keller

Definitely worth the cost of admission! I am so excited to see where this takes my business. I appreciate you taking the time to pass along the information.

- Karla Janning

Shut. Up. I just broke the bank and spent $12 last week on your two facebook trainings. It was tight, but we decided to implement your formula on a party tonight. What?!? I had people ordering left and right and before I knew it, I had a $500 FB party on my hands and two future parties on the books! Best twelve bucks I ever spent. Signed, Lena (very satisfied customer) PS - Imagine what will happen when I get my party video up. Yep - that's right. This result was without the main video (used a company one because I ran out of time this week.) Jeepers, ladies - you rock my socks!

- Lena Sewell

This girl right here just partied in her pjs with awesome ladies from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Got her hostess over $700 in sale so her hostess is now getting $220 in free products, 2 half price items and 2 host exclusive items. Oh yeah, I love to FB party!

- Christy Busbey

I just have to THANK you ladies for offering such an amazing training!! I have been able to supplement my calendar with FB parties and in doing so, did over $10,000 in personal sales last month! I just finished another FB party tonight and this is a message I got from a customer "This was the best party of a direct selling kind ever!!! Well done!" EEEKKKK!!! Now to work with Driskotech & get a killer video! (=

- Angela Bien

I just needed to share.... I listened to your "How to Book Parties" audio a couple of days ago.... I sent six private messages asking people to book parties....result.... 3 bookings and 2 people that want me to contact them in the fall!!! How crazy is that? Thanks so much ladies!

- Lorraine Endres

Can I tell you how much I LOVE you girls?? After taking just about every training you offer and getting The Whole Shebang, I finally took the plunge and did my first Tag Team style party last night! Total success! I am never ever going back to the dark side of 7 day parties again. I feel like I just got my life back! <3<3

- Katie D'Aiuto

Y'all rock! I just had my 1st $750 Facebook party. Followed your formula to a tee. So exciting!!!! Thank You!

- Kelly Rush

From a recent hostess (posted on her party wall): "Woo hoo! Thanks Jessica! What a great way to host a party! It's such a no pressure sales technique! Genius idea."

- Jessica Kline Colley

Thank you so much ladies for an amazing call!!! I cannot wait to grow my business even more with Facebook parties! You two Rock!!!!

- Corrie Edling

I just wanted to say a huge thank you!!!! I wish I had gotten my stuff together and had my 30 min party done months earlier! I've had 3 this week, and booked 3 more! I made a goal today that I didn't think was possible at the beginning of the month!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! THANK YOU!!!

- Melissa Dussault

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I've been really working on perfecting my 5 posts and comments for my Facebook parties as well as my hostess coaching. And boy did it pay off tonight! I just finished a Facebook party that has brought in over $600 so far. And my hostess has 3 other people (minimum) that she knows still want to place an order. I'm so excited for all the hostess gifts my girl is going to get!!!! And there was so much interaction. My hostess really killed it and I'm just so happy that I've stuck with my Tag Team training and am seeing it pay off. I know that not every FB party I do will be this successful but this has given me the confidence boost I needed to keep going! Thank you!

- Shannon Suiter, Norwex

Did my first Tag Team style FB party last night! I can see what I need to improve but I got THREE BOOKINGS within minutes of posting the booking incentive and at least two if not all three will be HOME shows!!! This is the most successful party I've ever done in terms of bookings in the three years I've been with Thirty-one! Thank you!

- Lynnette Haggerty

Just wanted to let you know I started using your Facebook party method last month and with 3 Facebook parties, hit level 2 of our company incentive!! And that was without the video (eek! Don't yell at me!). But I finally made the video to start with the new catalog and I'm super stoked! My husband even made a blooper reel. Thought you ladies would get a kick out of it! https://youtu.be/cQBpKOV3qs4

- Bridgett Edwards, Thirty-One Gifts

A message that is LONG overdue!!! THANK YOU Tag Team for your amazing direct sales training. Facebook parties were something I got into 7 months ago when I was expecting my 3rd baby in hopes I could keep the momentum in my business! (Literally made my Norwex product video 35 weeks pregnant and my hostess coaching videos were postpartum and I was NOT wearing a bra). Anyway, WOW. FB parties have CHANGED my business! This past January when my 5 live bookings went down to 2, I still had my highest sales month ever with 13 FB parties and over $11k in sales. Thanks again girls, I recommend you to my entire downline!!

- Lindsay Mercer

I am such a Tag Team fan and can personally attest to how following Amanda and Rachel on facebook has helped my business tremendously. I invested in my business by purchasing the $50 training, then the Deck the Walls training as well as the interactions training. I am completely satisfied with my business and my commission check can prove it. The support, casual interaction, and ideas The Tag Team present and offer will change your business.

- Sandra Green

Morning ladies! I just wanted to say thank you for two things. #1 my traffic on my fan page rose 1139% last week OMG!!! #2 running my first FB party using your 30 minute party strategy and the interaction has been phenomenal - guests are asking to invite their friends! Thank you so much for making me believe I can really do this.

- Patti Baum

Seriously, you ladies have CHANGED my business! I am with Beautycounter and I watched all of your free stuff on YouTube, then bought the starter kit and JUST got the shopportunity training.... your "ask" invite has gotten everyone to say yes. My friends are all coming to me about how sales-y some of our other friends (who sell a competing product) are - yet they are spending so much money with me! It's crazy!!! Thank you! I'm about to hit director for the first time (we have to earn everything monthly) and I already know that when I hit Senior Director later this year, I'll be getting you for a training - super easy since I'm in Reston VA! Anyway! Thank you!!!!

- Liz Badley

You ladies are the best! You really know your stuff when it comes to social media marketing. In just a 45-minute conversation I learned so many new social media marketing strategies specific to my business that I had no idea even existed. Thanks to you ladies, I no longer feel so overwhelmed by the idea of marketing on social media - you told me the best sites to be on for my business, how often to post, and gave me some great ideas about what the content of those posts should be. I'm so excited to get started implementing all of this, and even more excited to be able to come back here soon and write about how successful they were. Much gratitude, Tag Team!!

- Jennifer Keogh, K6 Rendering & J Keogh Designs

Ladies I just wanted to thank you personally for your awesomeness!!! I had my first online party tonight and followed your formula. It was a successful party and I got 3 bookings and almost everyone who attended bought something (plus utilized the shopping special). I feel way more confident now to do more!!! Thanks again!!!

- Kristina Martinez

Hi Tag Team! I just wanted to thank you for your Facebook Party Training! I purchased the training about 2 weeks ago and hosted my first party using your formula last night. Even though only 4 guests showed up to the party, everybody purchased something and the sales were almost $250. Pretty good for only 4 guests!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! -Hillary

- Hillary Wiley

It's amazing!! I did my first party, following their training, and sold 40 items and booked 5 parties!! Everybody raved about how fun and fast it was, even someone who was a direct seller of another product!!!!

- Mary Ann Mosley

I have to tell you! I have done FB shows for... 7 months. I NEVER get participation on my pre-posts. Ever. I bought your training last week. I just posted my first pre-post (helpful) and within seconds I had a like AND a comment asking about the product in my post!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!! Super excited to see how the show goes next week. Thanks for all you ladies do!!

- ?Samantha Vande Sluis?, Pampered Chef

Oh my goodness! I bought your starter kit yesterday. I watched the videos. I tried it. I GOT FOUR FACEBOOK BOOKINGS in about 10 minutes!!!! My husband was stunned, and so was I! Thank you SO MUCH for this!!

- Helen Freeman, Scentsy

Just wanted to give the girls some feedback from a customer I met at a 30 minute Facebook party who then hosted her own. I thought this might be something they would want to know and maybe even share. I hope it happens for you! "If you weren't so bubbly and sweet and humble I would only bought the one time. But you make the experience from ordering to throwing a party incredible. So thank you! "

- Melina Conde Dixon, Pink Zebra

Hiiiii!!! So I had to tell you!! I purchased some of your amazing training yesterday in the colossal sale & OMG!! It was like a million light bulbs we're going off in my head! ANDDD I've got 4 bookings over night & there still coming!! I just can't wait to try your party formula! It seems so much easier than how I've been doing it for so long! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!

- Katherine Pearce-Hyde

A new home party hostess just told me that i'm a really good consultant (I just finished the main chunk of hostess coaching with the video and verbiage)...she said that I give good ideas and when she was in direct sales before, she was never this good...i'm not sure I've ever had someone pay me a compliment so direct like that before...it's all thanks to your training (and Driskotech)! Love you ladies!!!!!!

- Jessica Flores

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've done many of your trainings but the Facebook party training has been the most influential for my business. I never used to agree to do them because I HATED the five day post all the live long day method not always felt spammy and gross and I hated it as a customer. My hostesses are LOVING your method and I'm getting killer feedback! ? you ladies rock!

- Beth Grossmann

The Facebook parties has taken my business to the next level. I am now getting recruits and booking from FB parties. I am booked with parties more so than events because of the formula this season. Thank you guys!!

- Leslie Jelly

Hey girls! I just wanted to give a huge shout out to you guys! I'm so eternally grateful for your fb party formula! Things have been off the charts this year again! My organization more then doubled last year - 1.9 million dollars! We have team members in 48 states! (Were still looking for those last 2 states! Ha ha!) We have promoted 6 directors (all company car driving) this year, 3 of which don't live in our area/state. And why?!? Because of YOUR FACEBOOK PARTY FORMULA! It's so much more then a party! It's giving people the ability to work their business the way that works for them and their family! So again, thank you! Thank you helping us change lives across the US by using silly old Facebook! Love you guys!

- Tabitha Brinkman

Oh My Goodness!!! I used your Facebook Party Formula and it was awesome. I had a FB party like a month ago and no one RSVP'd, no one ordered anything, no one commented. It was horrible. Tonight I had people that interacted, they ordered stuff and the most amazing part was I put this party together in 3 days...... You guys are awesomesauce and I think I love you!!!!!! Best money I ever spent, made every penny and then some back tonight.

- Charity Gregory