Post Peep

Amie is a welcome addition to our lil' Tag Team family-- 'cause she speaks our language--- "Girlfriend!" Weekly you’ll find her (in-between visits to Tim Horton’s) writing post ideas for our social media, updating scripts and turning our live videos and trainings into quote-able masterpieces. (It’s a tough, tough job!!) Hahaha!


Amie was already a cool girl (she’s taken all our trainings and admits to watching hours and hours of all our live videos,) since alongside this gig, she’s a leader in direct sales too. When she's not on Facebook (and even when she is,) she is a wife to one and mom of 3. She loves crafting and planner-ing. So make sure to go like and comment on a few of our social media posts so we can keep her around, ok? ;)